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So my class is a little cheaper than most having classes there because you aren't paying $17.50+TAX-RANGE FEE!!!

Available schedule for the next few months; subject to change. Please be sure to reserve your seat on the date you choose. Seating is limited to 15. If you have to miss the class you pay for, just reschedule.

Saturday Classes For New License:

March 25, 9am to 5pm

April 8 and 22, 9am to 5pm

May 6 and 20, 9am to 5pm

June 3 and 17, 9am to 5pm

Renewal Classes:

March 25 at 3pm

April 8 and 22 at 5pm

May 6 and 20 at 5pm

June 3 and 17 at 5p

Renewals fee is $35

Check Above For Dates/Times

Ask For: Instructor: Scott Vaughn License # 02-415

All Instructors Are Not The Same!

(870)-243-1416 for CHL Class or Self Defense Training Classes

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