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Fewer things are more important than knowing how to handle a gun properly; whether you are wanting to learn how to shoot a target, defend yourself, or to shoot for recreation uses, let Vaughn Firearms Training giving you the necessary firearm training to be a safe and successful shooter.

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So my class is a little cheaper than most having classes there because you aren't paying $17.50+TAX-RANGE FEE!!!

Upcoming Classes:

Saturday Classes For New License:

June 25 9 am - 5 pm

July 16 9 to 5

Saturday May 7, 2016 at 9:00 am

2 Hour Modular Training Classes - $50/person

The Draw- we will develop the draw to a "close contact ready" position and to "point and shoot!" Learn how to react when a dangerous person has your loved one held at gun point and all you have is a shot to the 'ocular cavity' (a shot to the face around the nose/eye section). We need to develop the skills to accomplish this type shooting in a manner that is precise without time to spare! Come and learn how this is accomplished for you and your family. $50/person and could be an investment you wouldn't want to be without!

Renewal Classes:

June 25 at 5 pm

July 16 at 5 pm

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Learn How To Shoot

Learn how to safely handle a gun and shoot defensively in a dangerous situation with our firearm classes!
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Conceal Carry

Stay informed on our laws regarding conceal carry, permits and much more!
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Self Defense

We offer self defense course for intruder invasions, street fights and more!
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Learn to train, learn to be prepared, learn techniques, learn what the laws mean, learn more for your money!