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A Word From Owner Scott Vaughn

For most of my life I have been around firearms, especially handguns. When I took my original class for my Concealed Handgun License in 1999, I experienced a lot of questions that were left unanswered. After receiving my license, I was inspired to learn more about my rights concerning gun laws. I also desired training for self defense with and without a handgun. With each of my classes, I bring an extensive set of tips and knowledge to enhance your awareness and skill whether handling or training with a gun. It's all about being prepared, not paranoid! The more prepared we are the less paranoid we will be! That is the way it works.

High Intensity Pistol

NRA Certification

Certified Pistol And Personal Protection In The Home

Certified Arkansas Conceal Handgun Carry Licensed Instructor

ASP# (02-415)

I enjoy what I do very much, take my instruction very seriously and am learning more all the time, to help me and you.

I train with Gabe Suarez from Suarez Int’l.

I was offered/accepted Suarez Staff Instructor position in 2012! I am currently 'retired' from that position and at this time, have received certificates in:

-High Intensity Pistol

-High Intensity Force on Force part 1

-High Intensity Force on Force part 2

-Knife Fighting/Vehicle Gunfighting

-Zero to Five feet Pistol Gunfighting

-Defensive Pistol Skills

-Combat Pistol Instructor School

-Trauma Medicine for the CCW Operator

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My goal is to help you be a safe and responsible gun owner. You will learn to acquire the level of shooting ability and/or self protection with a firearm that you are comfortable with. I aim to help prepare you to do what could be necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones or a stranger in need.