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M & M's Of Self Defense Sep 10, 2015 »

I've been teaching Concealed Handgun License classes in Arkansas for 13 years, not as long as some but generally with a LOT more enthusiasm and information than most (or any that I have been told about in the area). I attribute most of my success from the lack of information available in my original class to get my license, my desire to research the information I felt I was looking for (following a few forums on the web, reading the books mentioned here and there, video's, etc.) and…

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“I want a small gun so I can conceal it well” Sep 10, 2015 »

How many of you have heard someone say this? Said it yourself? I hear it a lot, having been instructing Arkansas concealed carry classes for over 10 years. I'm also not surprised when someone says, during or after the live fire section of the class, "I don't really like this gun! My friend has one and said this is what they carry all the time but I think I need something bigger to control it better", or "This gun kicks worse that I thought it would! It's only a .380 and I didn't think they…

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Conditioned Response Sep 10, 2015 »

Have you ever wondered why we train in and with weapons, tactics and combatives? The reason is to learn the best techniques for our application and how to train and develop the muscle memory, those instinctive values, so we ingrain into our muscles and minds the Conditioned Response! What makes or allows us to respond/react to a given stimulus? If a car slams on the brakes at a distance of 500 feet ahead of you and you are travelling at 60 MPH, how do you react? If you see this as it happens,…

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